Apartment Block Management


No two buildings are created equal. As a leading supplier of block management services, we tailor our management systems to each individual assignment to ensure that the day to day management of your development goes smoothly. Our team is extremely hands on and practical and with a big focus on communication, we can guarantee that you will have the information you need when you need it, with no unnecessary fuss.

We currently manage in excess of 550 units in 16 developments. Why not let our experience benefit you?

We have a proven track record of reviving distressed block management companies through leadership, decisive strategies and reducing costs through waste disposal, fire alarm maintenance, insurance, landscaping, cleaning, lift maintenance, electrical and plumbing contractors.


Duties of the Managing Agents


We as Managing Agents endeavour at all times to see that the Management Company honours its obligations to the individual owners and that the individual owners, in turn, honour their obligations to the company and each other. As Managing Agents we must at all times ensure that the Management Company is compliant with the Multi Unit Development Act of 2011.

Under the confines of the Management Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and in the Management Agreements attaching to the title documents, and by appointment by the Management Company’s Directors, the Managing Agents agree to provide the following Services under its scope as Managing Agents:

  • Attend all Management Committee and Board of Directors Meetings.
  • Arrangement and Supervision of common area services, repairs, maintenance and contracts.
  • Obtain quotations and proposals from contractors as necessary. Approval for quotations for works outside the day to day management, in respect of unforeseen circumstances or issues which may arise from time to time shall be sought from the Management Company’s Directors in writing, prior to the Agents arranging for the works to be carried out.
  • Handling insurance matters, including claims, in so far as they relate to the common areas or structure of the building. Internal contents claims excluded – as these remain the responsibility of the individual owners.
  • Communications with apartment owners, including handling complaints.
  • Instructing and supervising works by service providers and contractors.
  • Preparation of Service Charge Budget. Budget approval shall be sought from the Company Directors, and shall outline all relevant tender documentation in relation to Common Area Services.
  • Apportionment and Collection of Service Charges.
  • Dealing with Inspector of taxes and Collector General on all tax matters as necessary.
  • Checking and payment of accounts.
  • Preparation of Financial Records for Management Committee of Directors meetings.
  • Liaising with the auditor and issue of Auditors Annual Reports and Financial Statements.
  • Issuing Notice and preparing minutes of all meetings.
  • Maintain the company register.
  • Consulting with the Management Company’s legal advisor and other professional advisors as necessary.
  • Issuing information and advice to new owners.
  • Obtaining and regularly updating contact addresses for all owners.
  • Ensure that there is a suitable person available to provide a 24 Hour 365 day emergency service- Dealing with all emergencies affecting internal/external Common Areas and Services ONLY.
  • Dealing with breaches of House Rules. Car park Regulations and breaches of covenant.
  • Responding to Requisitions from the vendors solicitor on re Sale.

As Managing Agents, we may from time to time, upon the instruction of the Management Company, can undertake other roles and responsibility outside of the general scope of the Managing Agents role, as we understand that every development is different and unique.