Property Management

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Property Management

Like any good manager, we believe in positive reinforcement, good communication and clear boundaries for getting the best out of your property. We enjoy building good relationships with you the landlord and the tenants of the properties that we manage and because of that, the letting of your property can be a very easy experience.

Our Property Management Services

  • We Inspect your property and offer relevant and current advice that you should achieve for your property.
  • Photograph and market the house online.
  • Internet adverts produced and uploaded online.
  • Carry out all viewings.
  • Check references of interested tenants and report back to you.
  • Gather all details including all contact details, previous addresses, next of kin, copy of ID.
  • After discussing the interested parties and ensuring that you are happy with our choice we draw up a letting contract tailored to your property.
  • Provide a signed copy of our comprehensive letting agreement.
  • Register the tenancy with the PRTB (PRTB fee is €90).
  • Move the tenant into the property.
  • Switch the electricity / Gas from the current bill holder into the new tenants’ name.
  • Collection & Electronic bank transfer of monthly rents.
  • Rents are tracked and late rents are dealt with accordingly.
  • Provide receipts / sign rent books for tenants.
  • Annual statements sent to you or your accountant on request.
  • Periodical inspection visits to the house to check its being taken care of.
  • Arranging our trusted tradesmen when necessary to carry out repairs.
  • Inspect any jobs beforehand that we feel our extensive experience may be of use and hopefully save any extra tradesmen costs.
  • The pursuit and removal if necessary of any tenants that act in a way that’s deemed to be in a breach of the lease.
  • We deal with Threshold (Tenants rights body) and attend the PRTB arbitration hearings in the event of a tenant dispute.
  • Full check of the house when tenants leave and arrange tradesmen to carry out any necessary repairs.
  • Provide references and deal with tenants future landlords.
  • No Let No Fee

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